Designer Whey {Review}


So about a month ago I was sent this awesome package of Designer Whey products to try out and review. If you guys know me then you know I am really weird about the flavored proteins and often they are too sweet for me. I have to say I have tried each product in the box now (except the Triple Chocolate Crunch Bar I gave to the Fatkid) and I was happily impressed each time.

The Designer Whey French Vanilla Protein Shake was so good. I normally do not like pre-made shakes, but this one was super smooth, not chalky at all, had a great flavor and didn’t leave me feeling over full at all. It was great both pre and post workout, something that can help me wind down like NBA news and rumors information can, or when I am watching a good twitch streams channel. Shockingly I drank the chocolate one too and really liked it. It was just the right amount of chocolate flavor, almost like chocolate milk, and wasn’t too overpowering.

The Designer Whey Protein Bars were tasty too, great for an afternoon pick-me-up during my review classes. They are a little higher in sugar than what I normally have (ranging from 10-14g) but by far one of the better protein bars I have had. To make sure I didn’t get a sugar slump I just ate half the bar with something else. Again this is just me and my sugar intake weirdness ;) not anything against the protein bar.

I have also started taking 1-2 tsp of the French Vanilla or White Chocolate Protein Powder and mixing it into my coffee when I don’t feel like having it black. I really like the protein powder because it dissolves easily and quickly, and I have found a lot of powders don’t do that. Directly from Designer Whey about their powder:

The more active you are, the more your body needs protein to recover.  Our reformulated Designer Whey Protein Powders are packed with 18g of premium natural 100% whey protein (the right amount per serving for your active lifestyle, yet easy on your digestive system) and offer an excellent source of calcium, vitamin-D, and B-vitamins while being naturally flavored and sweetened – all for only 100 calories! ”  

Overall I am really impressed with their products and the powder and pre-mixed protein drinks are definitely something I will be adding in to change up my proteins.

Do you have a hard time finding protein and protein products you like?