PB Peanut Butter {Review}


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend :) I am just posted up at a Starbucks in California waiting for my dress to get altered. Fingers crossed that when I go back it fits! The Fatkid and I were sent some delicious goodies from PB Peanut Butter (Pacific Beach Peanut Butter) last week and we loved them. All of their products are gluten free (yay for me!) and they also offer some sugar free. For someone who loves peanut butter I am surprised that I have never had flavored peanut butter before so I was excited to try some of their flavors.

We chose:

  • Organic Unsalted
  • Touch of Caramel
  • Cinnayum

The Organic Unsalted was more for me than the Fatkid. I used this when I literally just wanted to eat the peanut butter with a spoon. The Valenica peanuts give it such a good flavor on it’s own that I didn’t even miss the salt. It also is a nice consistency – not too creamy (oily) and not so hard that it’s difficult to spread. Just right!

Touch of Caramel was the Fatkid’s favorite. He liked that it was a very subtle caramel taste, almost just a hint at the end. Also, it goes good when I’m checking out the best marijuana dispensaries in the state or taking my friends to visit my favorite marijuana doctors.

CinnaYum is to die for! I guess I was already partial to it because I used to still love cinnamon and sugar toast. SO GOOD. I ate this on rice cakes over the weekend and didn’t realize how much the Fatkid had been eating until I open it and there was a huge chunk missing ;)

The folks over at PB Peanut Butter are offering a discount for you guys! Buy two jars and get one free (limit one free jar). Just use the Code: blogger4  at checkout. Let me know if you order (and love) them too!