August Jacked Pack {review}


My August Jacked Pack came and between that and Labor Day being right around the corner I have been newly motivated to bust my butt in the gym :)

I handed off the chocolate protein bar to the Fatkid and kept the XTend for myself :) everything else we pretty much split. I was majorly bummed because the bagel looked amazing and had 28g of protein but Arizona heat is not nice to perishable food and I think it died before I got to it. To learn more about the monthly samples from Jacked Pack just click here.

Also, I got a TON of questions about this shirt and it’s from FireDaughter. I am obsessed with Samya’s store (lucky for me her store front is in AZ) but she sells them on Etsy as well.

As for the gym right now I am trying to do two 30 minutes cardio sessions – one in the morning and one after lifting at night to get back in the groove after my massive lack of discipline lately :/ that will only last until labor day and then I will go back to once a day. For lifting I am doing legs twice a week, shoulder, back/bis and triceps with abs every other day. I still haven’t decided if I want to go back to James Wilson’s Body Earned Program once school starts or keep doing my own thing but I will keep you updated :)