da active give away and jacked pack {review}


Hey everyone! I hope your week is going well :) this is going to be a quickie about two of my favorite things…da active and Jacked Pack.

Right now da active is having a huge give away where you have the chance to win a $500 shopping spree of their items. I entered the first day but if you haven’t yet, you can here. I was so excited to be sent the three items below and I was instantly obsessed with the pants and jacket. I LOVE fold over pants and I have been wanting to get a nice pair (my are literally cut to be capris and so old!) for a while so they are just perfect :) and a girl can never have too many zip up jackets – I like these kind better than hoodies for the gym and I didn’t have a white one yet so I couldn’t be happier. The top is also really comfortable and doesn’t have any seams that rub which I usually have a problem with so I tend not to buy workout tops.

Over-all I think da active produces well made, cute, comfortable workout clothes at a reasonable price. I would compare them to another (much pricier line) that quite frankly I can’t justify spending the money on – so I am thrilled to find out about da active. If you are going to order from them, be sure to check out the size chart – I did a 2 in bottoms and a 4 in both tops and they fit great.