lime and garlic quinoa


Day 4: Wake up early is another #fail! Ugh, I cannot seem to get out of bed early this week. That means I’m going to the gym to do shoulders and abs tonight after class.

On a better note…

Dinner last night was delish! I wanted to make a date night dinner for the Fatkid because he has been working super late all week.

I bought some filets and marinated them in worcestershire, evoo, balsamic vinegar, all spice, and pepper. Then I just carmelized some onions, threw the green beans in with them. Sauteed some mushrooms (for him) and baked some yam fries (for him). I just wash and peel the yams. Slice them thin, put them on a baking sheet and mist evoo on them. Then I put them in the oven at 350 for about 30-45 minutes (while everything else is cooking), it’s hard to overcook or burn them.

And finally made a quinoa dish (for me). Someone had written on facebook that they put lime juice and spices in their quinoa and I usually just eat it plain so I wanted to try it. I cooked a cup of quinoa and when it was done squeezed the juice of one whole lime into it. I put in some chopped caramelized onions and chopped bell peppers and granulated garlic. Amazing!! If you don’t like lime juice you can leave it out, but I love it.

Date night dinner:

Have a great Thursday!!