a week’s worth of food

I have written before about how I like to prep out food for the week on Sundays and that was definitely my day yesterday – mixed with lots of studying.  I knew the Fatkid was getting home around 8 so I wanted to be mostly done with cooking by then. But that never happens and I wasn’t done until around 9:30 – hence the next day post. Sorry :)
Before I get to food I had to share this picture of our bug Tyson – he is the cutest thing ever and John felt bad he stepped on him so he let him lick his Coldstone container.
So – yesterday I made all of the following:
Stuffed chicken with: spinach, onion, mushroom, 1/2 piece Laughing Cow Lite cheese. Topped with pepper and no salt added mixed seasoning. Find the original recipe here.
Slow cooker chicken. Recipe here.
Baked Kale – wash, put on a large baking sheet, sprinkle olive oil salt and pepper and pop in the oven with whatever else you are cooking until it crisps.
Bake hake with dressing from Rob Riches. I used 5 cloves garlic, juice and pulp from one lemon, juice from one lime, black pepper, cayenne pepper, no salt added mixed seasoning. Mixed in a processor and poured over hake before I baked it. WARNING – this is very garlic-y if you pour it on instead of using like a marinade like he suggests. I wanted it that way to cut the Hake flavor.
Sauteed veggies.
Banana nut protein muffins. I used this recipe but added in one chopped banana and 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and used banana baby food instead of the blueberries/mixed berry baby food.
I also cut up fruit, and cooked some hard boiled eggs and quinoa.
Then I packed it into our fridge which now looks like this:
And thanks to all my cooking yesterday I had a perfect cooler for school today :)  this is meals 2-5.
Apple with walnuts
Baked chicken with sweet potato, tomato, cucumber, kale
Banana nut muffins
Hake with sauteed veggies, kale and peppers.
Also, don’t forget I am doing the 100/200/200/200 challenge starting today. If you want to join check out my note on it here. The more the merrier :) once I do it tonight I will let you guys know how it goes.
Hope you all are starting your week out great!