protein berry smoothie


I have to say – I kicked my own butt at the gym this morning!

Here is my workout below:
I do three sets of 15 unless otherwise noted

Dead lifts
21 bicep curls
Standing oblique crunch

Wide step-out squats
Single tri-cep extensions
1 minute plank

Plie squats
Hammer curls
Tri-cep kick back

Hip abduction machine
Hip adduction machine

Cable calf raises

100 each of:
Stability ball crunch with weighted ball
Reverse crunch with stability ball and weighted ball
Side twist with weighted ball

Intervals on a treadmill with an incline:
0-2:00: incline 2 speed 3.6
2:00-2:30 incline 4 speed 3.6
2:30-4:00 inline 4 speed 6.3
4:00-4:30 incline 6 speed 3.6
4:30-6:00 incline 6 speed 6.3
6:00-6:30 incline 8 speed 3.6
6:30-8:00 incline 8 speed 6.3
8:00-10:00 incline 10 speed 3.6
10:00-12:00 incline 12 speed 3.6
The I go back through the same steps starting the 6.3 speed when I back to incline 8.

When I got home I topped my morning off with a Berry Protein Shake – just what my body needed :)

New recipe number 3! (I realize this is not a “real recipe” BUT I’ve never made it before so I think it counts as trying something new – which was the goal of the three new recipes.)

In a blender mix:
1 cup ice
1/2 cup fat free milk
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein
1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
2 tsp of ground flaxseed
1 tsp of chia seeds
Blend – and done!

Enjoy :)