energy and persistence conquer all things – benjamin franklin


fSo – since my recommitment to myself last month I have (with the exception of this week) been sticking to my workout schedule very well. It helps me to keep track of things my writing them down and seeing them so I want this blog to also be kinda of a workout journal to keep me accountable to myself.

This is my plan for the next four weeks – March here I come!


  • Flow Yoga
  • or Cardio
  • or Lifting
  • or Hiking
  • or DAY OFF!
  • This is one of the few days I get with my fatkid so if he is up for something I will usually pick that!


  • Flow Yoga – am
  • Weight Training – Full Body (legs, arms and shoulders or back with some abs) – pm


  • Flow Yoga – pm


  • Cardio – am
  • Weight Training – Legs and Abs or Back and Abs- pm


  • Flow Yoga – pm


  • Flow Yoga or Cardio – am
  • Weight Training – Heavy Legs and Arms and Abs – pm


  • Flow Yoga – am
  • and Hiking – pm
  • or Cardio – pm

When I say Flow Yoga – I either do a Power or Ashtanga Flow at 2-3 Level near my house. 
I am trying to build my legs up which is why I do them 2-3 times a week – usually heavier weight. 
And always I take time off if I need it…like this week! :)